Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony of the 7th International scientific conference "Contemporary Kinesiology: Active Lifestyle"

The Meštrović Gallery in Split is a museum that stands as a testament to the genius of Ivan Meštrović, one of Croatia’s most celebrated sculptors and artists of the 20th century. This remarkable gallery is housed within a stunning villa, which was designed by Meštrović himself between 1931 and 1939, serving not only as his family’s summer residence but also as his working studio and a space to exhibit his creations. The gallery’s collection boasts masterpieces carved in marble, bronze, plaster, and wood, offering a comprehensive overview of Meštrović’s diverse artistic expressions and innovative techniques.

Beyond the indoor exhibits, the villa is enveloped by a lush Mediterranean garden that seamlessly integrates bronze sculptures into its landscape. This garden, with its breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea and the central Dalmatian islands, stands as a unique example of landscape architecture, enhancing the overall experience of visiting the Meštrović Gallery. The combination of Meštrović’s striking art, the villa’s architectural beauty, and the tranquil garden setting makes the Meštrović Gallery not only a pivotal cultural and historical site in Split but also a place where art and nature harmoniously intersect.

Street Šetalište Ivana Meštrovića 46, 21000, Split