Young researcher award

Young Researcher Award Announcement

We are excited to announce the Young Research Award at our upcoming conference, designed to recognize and celebrate outstanding research contributions from students. This award is split into two distinct categories, each aimed at spotlighting the innovative work of young researchers at different stages of their academic journey:

  1. Young Researcher Award for Doctoral Students: This category celebrates the exceptional research efforts of Ph.D. candidates. It is tailored for those who have demonstrated remarkable ability in conducting in-depth, impactful research that contributes significantly to their field of study. 
  2. Young Researcher Award for Master and Bachelor Students: This category is designed to honor the research achievements of students pursuing their Master’s or Bachelor’s degrees. It recognizes individuals who have shown extraordinary commitment to research excellence, innovation, and the potential for significant impact within their academic discipline.

Awards are sponsored by Split Academic Sports Association in the form of Decathlon gift vouchers with the following values:

  1. place: 150,00 EUR
  2. place: 100,00 EUR 
  3. place: 50,00 EUR

Award Criteria
Candidates for both categories of the Young Researcher Award will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Originality and Innovation: The extent to which the research presents new ideas, approaches, or insights.
  • Research Methodology: The rigor and appropriateness of the methodology employed in the research.
  • Impact and Relevance: The potential impact of the research on the field, society, or industry, as well as its relevance to current challenges and knowledge gaps.
  • Presentation and Clarity: The ability of the candidate to effectively communicate their research findings, both in written form and through oral presentations.

Selection Process
Submissions will be reviewed by a distinguished panel of academic experts, and winners will be selected based on the depth, rigor, and innovation of their research. Winners in both categories will be announced during the conference. They will receive a certificate and a monetary award provided and given by the conference sponsor. Applicants must present their research at the conference.

How to Apply
All eligible participants are required to apply via the application form. A signed form must be emailed to with the email subject title YRA CK2024. The application must be submitted before the deadline for abstract/full-text submission.

We look forward to celebrating the achievements of young researchers who are pushing the boundaries of knowledge and making significant contributions to their fields. Join us in fostering the next generation of scholars and innovators.