Active Lifestyle

Contemporary Kinesiology: Active Lifestyle  is the main topic of the conference and aims to deliver cutting-edge insights and scientific developments while focusing on the interconnections between exercise, mental health, and quality of life across various demographics. The conference will spotlight five critical areas:

  1. Mental Health: Emphasizing the profound impact of physical activity on psychological well-being, sessions will explore the latest research linking exercise to improved mental health outcomes, offering insights into how movement can be a foundational element of mental health care.

  2. Whole-Day School: Kinesiology Programs: Dedicated discussions will focus on integrating kinesiology into the curriculum of Whole-Day Schools, showcasing innovative strategies to incorporate physical activity throughout the school day, thereby promoting holistic development and lifelong health habits among students.

  3. Active Aging: Kinesiology for the Elderly: Recognizing the importance of movement in later life, the conference will present advancements in kinesiology that support active aging. Presentations will cover tailored exercise programs that address the unique needs of the elderly population, aiming to enhance mobility, independence, and quality of life.

  4. Adapted Kinesiology: A significant emphasis will be placed on adapted kinesiology, with a focus on making physical activity accessible and beneficial for individuals with disabilities. This topic will cover innovative practices and research that facilitate inclusive exercise opportunities, highlighting the adaptability of kinesiology to meet diverse needs.

  5. Philosophy of Sports: Lastly, the conference will delve into the philosophy of sports, offering a forum for contemplative discussions on the ethical, social, and existential dimensions of sports and physical activity. This segment aims to foster a deeper understanding of the values and principles that underpin sporting culture and its influence on society.

Through a series of keynotes, the conference aims to forge a comprehensive understanding of how kinesiology can be applied to benefit individuals and communities, making it an essential gathering for professionals, academics, and practitioners in the field of physical education, health sciences, and beyond.